Bola Balloon Necklace

Bola Balloon Necklace


Bola Balloon Necklace on brown leather


Bola Balloon Necklace on brown leather.  A hand made porcelain pendant that tinkles decorated with gold feathers on both sides. The pendant is attached to a brown leather cord via a vintage brass watch winder.

This necklace is a modern take on the traditional Mexican Bola necklace which is worn by a pregnant woman against her growing baby bump. As the baby grows inside the womb it gets used to the tinkling sound. When the baby is born it can be soothed by the sound of this pendant which it knows as well as the sound of its mother’s heartbeat.

Perfect hand crafted gift for a mother to be.

Materials: porcelain, gold lustre decals, brass vintage pocket – watch winder and leather cord.

Measurements: Height from top of watch winder to bottom of pendant 10cms. The pendant is 3.3 cms wide and 2 cms deep.

Price includes delivery ( UK and Europe only. Please contact Louise Bell Ceramics for postage cost outside the EU )